About Us

Food is a cultural affair. It is a way to convey a range of cultural meanings as well as how a certain cultural group uses it to express their identity, community, values, artistry, and creativity. The connection that a certain group has with their native food gives them a sense of belonging.

India is a nation that is so vibrant and diverse that every state exhibits a different culture in their food. MyNativeBites promises you mouth-watering authentic food from your native village, city, or state to your doorstep. We have partnered with multiple expert vendors from different cities and states in India to source authentic food on demand.

Why Us

The team at MyNativeBites carefully selects food products based on their deep roots associated to a place, and its cultural and historical importance. Our team constantly travels to interiors of India to handpick products that are special and create nostalgia for your cravings. These are the products that are difficult to find at retail stores, super markets, and malls.

In the new India, people move cities frequently leaving behind their native food heritage that they have lived and enjoyed growing up. Moreover, as we get more cosmopolitan, we are exposed to cross cultural foods that is easily available but a sense of craving for our native food also prevails in the back of our minds. MyNativeBites’s objective is to make your nostalgia a reality. We want you to enjoy your native food products which are now easily available.

We provide a wide variety of jaw-dropping foods that include sweets, snacks, pickles, pappad, coffee/tea powder, herbal drinks, and many more sourced from cities they are most popular in.

If it is Palkova, it has to be from Srivilliputhur; if it is Banana Chips, it has to be from Calicut, and if it is Khakhra, it has to be from Gujarat.

Every food product available at MyNativeBites is checked for quality, taste, and hygiene. We partner with vendors who are registered with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). MyNativeBites is also registered with FSSAI.

Don’t wait any longer. It’s time to RELAX, ENJOY, and REJUVENATE your taste buds!


Savor the flavor and relish every bite!!