Kozhikodan Nendran Chips - (Pack of 2, Each Pack 200 gms) # Calicut, Kerala
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Crispy, crunchy and tasty snack made from unripe bananas and deep fried in coconut oil. Undoubtedly one of the finest snacks that you will relish on each and every bite you have.

Banana Chips is a typical South Indian snack and is highly crispy, crunchy and delicious suitable for all age groups. Available in different types/ flavors such as banana cut chips, banana sweet chips and banana spicy chips.

Traditionally, banana and tapioca are the two main cash crops cultivated in Kerala. Bananas are normally famous in Kerala due to its characteristic taste, shape and color. Steamed banana is a common tea-time snack and also a perfect breakfast dish in Kerala. Apart from being a dish, banana is also well-known in the form of banana chips.

This snack is sourced from one of the top bakers based in Calicut, Kerala. All food items are prepared in a special baking unit using natural, pure and organic ingredients to provide an authentic and traditional taste.

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