Roasted Salted Peanuts with Husk - Sikandar Foods # Surendranagar,Gujarat
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Roasted and salted peanuts from Sikandar Foods in Surendranagar,Gujarat has one of the finest tastes and quality one would crave for. A snack suitable for all ages which contains high amount of nutritional value.

This roasted salted peanuts is very unique in nature, as it comes with husk covered over the peanut that gives a tangy taste when had with the husk. Slight amount of salt sprayed over the peanut makes it even better. It is vaccum packed to let the aroma of the peanut intact and increasing the shelf life

Skiandar Foods handpick the peanut that has the biggest peanut in size to be processed. Sikandar Foods is a very famous name in Guajarat and leaving behind the legacy of providing the finest and premium quality peanuts.


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